Painted Coir Mat

As a part of my revamp on the front porch, I really wanted to replace my super tired doormat.

Isn’t this new one so fresh and shiney?!

I pretty much force J.B. to take me to IKEA at least twice a year. 

{the closest one is four hours away! waaaah!}

And I grabbed a coir rug from IKEA on our last run. I love that its actually a little bigger than a regular size rug. My sorry porch concrete needs all the help it can get.

I started by drawing the design with a black paint pen.  For the borders, I used poster board as a straight edge. 

And for the “W” I used the same stencil I created for my moss letter hanger.

{just drawn on poster board and traced here}

And then I painted in the lines! 

Since this is going on my porch, I decided to use outdoor paint.


It’s too pretty to step on!