Diy Headband Organization

We’ve had a bit of a situation happening at our house for the last six months. 

It’s wild and crazy and even a bit colorful. It’s messy and disorganized and downright annoying sometimes. Its taking over and flowing it every available space! I’m at my wits end, y’all!

Naturally this epic disaster is one of gigantic proportions, right? It’s life changing, surely?

Well, of course. 

It’s headbands!

Oh, don’t act so surprised.

You’ve seen Eliza’s turban dos and big jersey knit bows plastered all over Instagram. Now, how and when I actually became that mom, I have no answers for. I’m certainly not the over-girly type. But somehow, sweet, simply stretchy headbands became a way of life around here. 

And now they’re threatening our very way of life. 

Okay, whatever, maybe that’s a touch dramatic.

None the less, this headband mess needs a solution before we have to give it its own bedroom.

So I mulled over some ideas and scavenged the garage for supplies. My end result turned out just as I had planned! 

I used some old project wood that was already cut to the exact length I needed. 

Heck yeah!! 

Then I hot glued some small clothes pins to the wood. You could totally paint or decorate the wood. And also buy fancier clothes pins. 

But I really liked the simple rustic look of the plain wood and pins. 

From there, I organized my headbands and then put these bad boys on the wall. 

I’m so excited to be able to find just the accessory I want without a wild hunt. Or immense amounts of curse words being muttered under my breath. 

I made a couple more of these (because this is so not my entire headband collection) and put these on the wall in Eliza’s closet. They could also make for a great wall display if you had a nice spot!