Travel Lego Box 

Jake is going to be spending some extra time with my parents during Eliza’s arrival. So when he asked if he could take his legos to Gramma’s, I had the idea to create a little travel kit for him to play with.

This was a pretty simple project, and would also make a great gift idea if you know of any lego obsessed kids {or are all kids lego obsessed?}.

I started with a little tin lunchbox style container.

{nabbed from the Target Dollar Spot!}

On the inside of the case, I attached some felt, using double sided tape. 

I’m thinking this will cut down a little bit on the racket with all those pieces inside.

Then on the lid, I attached a lego basemat. You can grab these anywhere legos are sold and cut them to size with regular scissors. 

Now toss in some legos!

If you like, you can also cut a piece of the basemat down to fit across the legos. It can fit into the little grooves to act as a wall.